Product Review: Lifeway Frozen Kefir (Original)

This stuff?  F*cking phenomenal.  Really.

Well, if you like tart frozen yogurt like Pinkberry.  This stuff tastes just like Pinkberry original, maybe even better.  It’s good for digestive health too (BONUS!).  As someone with tummy troubles that could benefit from some probiotic magic, the benefits from eating this is two-fold: it’s great taste that borders on pleasureable and some help in the digestion department.  I am a much bigger fan of this than the drinkable Kefir which I find to be chalky and thick.

It’s nearly impossible to keep this in the fridge for more than a couple of days after it’s opened.  Every time I wear near the fridge I want to some.  When Whole Foods has it one sale I stock up.  At any given time I might have a couple different flavors going in the fridge.  This is definitely the best one though.  Strawberry is good too, but mango isn’t.  I have yet to try the Pomegranate flavor.

I’ve turned many friends onto it and for that they are thankful.  And they’ve turned their friends onto it.  It’s a big Frozen Kefir Love Fest and I started it!  Awesome.

One of the best things in the world, no exaggeration.


May 7, 2012. Uncategorized.

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